First words!

10 Jan

Right, then…

This is my first post on a brand new blogging site, so part of me feels I need to announce something momentous to the world. In the absence of such a thought, I’ll just say that I have no idea which direction these blogs are going to take, and that may actually be quite a good place to start. Life seems to be getting exciting at the moment (at least in my head, if not in actuality), so perhaps a very excellent time to start sharing some thoughts on life.

I’m from the north west of England, which has always been a rather inspiring corner of the globe. It rains a lot, but it never seems to stop people being very creative. if you counted all the bands that have come out of Manchester, I think you’d be thinking about it all day.

But on a more personal level there are a few other ‘life stories’ which might interest others and even be of help. I work in education as a support tutor and e-learning advisor (and also teach graphic design part time), so there might be something to talk about there, although talking “shop” isn’t all that fun when you just get back from work is it? I’m also adopted, and recently got in touch with my birth mother, so there is plenty to go at there. As that is an on-going story I’m sure some of my anecdotes might help other people and perhaps give me some inspiration and ideas too, as it can be quite a weird and emotional journey.

The question of exactly how much to share on-line has been crossing my mind a few time, I must say. I expect I’ll decide the perameters of that as I go along.

Books and film are likely to feature heavily as well. And Art. Photography…yep, love photography. Currently doing an MA course in Contemporary Literature and Film, so don’t be surprised if those kind of topics crop up at times.

Just had to watch Oliver Stone’s “World Trade Center” (American spelling) for aforementioned course. I was predisposed to disliking it, and was expecting a complete saccharine coated puke fest. While the film didn’t intirely avoid that discription, it was far better than I thought. An odd middle ground between being an all out disaster film (think “The Towering Inferno”) and some intimate character study (definitely don’t think “The Towering Inferno”). As is the case with Stone’s films, it didn’t manage to completely avoid political comment, despite appearing as if it might have a more personal agenda….some slightly dodgy Christian theology creeping in there as well.

Maybe some other thoughts on 9/11 later? Could be controversial!

So…that was my first post! Confused? Let’s hope so; we’ve got plenty of time to figure it all out.


2 Responses to “First words!”

  1. Mr WordPress January 10, 2011 at 6:48 pm #

    I’m actually commenting on my own words! Just getting to grips with the technology! 😀

  2. Artful Adorner February 13, 2011 at 8:12 pm #

    Good stuff! Looking forward to the next entry. 🙂

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