New year, new ideas!

9 Jan

Gosh, it’s 2013 already, and what’s occurring in the experience of Serendipity 3864?

Well, a few bits of interesting news and thoughts here, which I shall communicate in a brief numerical fashion!

My Master of Arts in English Literature and Film ends this year, or to be precise the deadline for the final thesis is the 31st May, which is also my birthday. That’s either going to a source of great celebration or an horrific combination, so it’ll be very interesting to find out which! The thesis is daunting but exciting in the same time, and it’s (slowly) nearing completion. I’m hoping it’ll be the confidence push to pursuing a slightly alternative career within the arts, and open a few new doors. Nothing is guaranteed, I know, but now is not the time for setting limitations. So for all those on a road to a goal, whether short term or longer, I salute you in 2013! And for those about to rock, I salute you too.

A few months back I bought a Diana camera replica, based on the 1960s plastic lightweight camera, whose photographic results are romantically emotive of a simpler time, either that or they look like the work of a retarded chimpanzee. Often it can be the luck of the draw on which it is, unless of course you’re in the unfortunate position of actually being a retarded chimp, in which case no offence intended. The best results often look filtered and enhanced in an Instagram style fashion (but with no modern tinkering). I look forward to sharing some triumphs and disasters in my first experiments. Hopefully this should wet my appetite for further creative adventures in non-digital photography, which is now more affordable (as far as some old equipment is concerned) given the rise of digital. The results obtained from analogue photography are just as fascinating and have a different quality, and room for some immediate hands-on tinkering.

One of my personal music icons, David Bowie, has just released his first new single in years (almost a decade in fact). His last official single appears to have been a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Arnold Layne”, with Dave Gilmour, in 2006. So I’m excitedly looking forward to seeing what he comes up with in 2013 and sharing my thoughts on the music with fellow Bowie-philes!

Not sure if it suits the blog’s broadly ‘creative’ focus, but the current Stargazing series on BBC2 with Professor Brian Cox is making me want to look into space. Have you seen some of those photographs? Amazing, and some created in people’s very back gardens with the right equipment and conditions. I intend to investigate further. Oh yes! Incidentally, it’s good to see Doctor Who “star” K-9 getting some honest work as a quiz master for Professor Brian Cox’s interactive astronomy quiz. You can’t keep a good dog down….or robot…or mobile computer/disco dog/prop/whatever the hell it is.

I’m committed (not in a crazy way I hasten to add) to reviewing Pink Floyd’s entire album back catalogue. I may regret this. I’m also due to round up my journey through 50 years of James Bond (with one last review for Skyfall) and the last few Dracula film entries. For newcomers, get yourself a brew and skip back through the blog for the earlier articles.

Keep your feedback coming in, and I look forward to offering the same to any of you out there; I’ve found some great blogs in progress out there. I personally still feel like a novice, even after two years, but that’s half the fun: seeing where it can lead.

Oh, almost forgot…Happy New Year!

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