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Who have you been a victim of? An introduction to The Stranglers.

13 Aug


The Stranglers…what can I say about them? One of my first favourite bands, and although I rarely buy their new material they’re still a considerable live draw.

I first heard their music I was 13, which was a very formative age to hear them. At the time they were a little too ‘adult’ to my kiddie ears and compared to the other chart hits of 1986, I found “Always the Sun” plodding and boring. Now I hear it as a wonderful song which rewards far more than the average S/A/W record. Continue reading

Belated geek out: Matt Smith’s last season of ‘Doctor Who’ and the joys of continuity!

13 Aug

Slightly late in the day, here’s a blog post I planned to have on here over a month ago. But as other people like Doctor Who, and so do I, it’s a ‘no brainer’ (as they say these days), so belatedly, here it is! Besides, the 50th anniversary hasn’t actually been and gone yet, so it might get some of you up to speed before the big event!

There’s nothing more satisfying and likely to make a regular television viewer happier than being rewarded by a long running series, with continuity references that only a long term fan would know. Like hearing a mention of Elsie Tanner in Coronation Street (which sad though it may seem, Always makes me happy. She was one very sexy woman; but I digress!) Continue reading