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“Who have you seen perform live?”

2 Nov

Ahh, the eternal question. No, not the one about the meaning of life, just the one about who one has seen perform live. For the sake of sanity, I’ve not included any other performance art other than music, as compiling this list was hard enough as it was.

And the purpose of the list? Not just for your entertainment and education, I have to say. No, it was a personal test of memory, and I have to be honest, there are gaps in my memory and there are likely a good thirty odd artists I cannot recall properly. I shall be sure to update the list whenever my obliterated memory cells bring forth nostalgic bounty from some long past event dancing drunkenly in a field.

So, here is the list of music acts I’ve seen and heard live. Some were single gigs, some were at festivals; all stick in the mind. Feel free to comment, ask “How on earth could you have seen them, they’re crap!” or “Why haven’t you seen…???”

Ok now…deep breaths. In no particular order: Continue reading