Kate O’Mara and the telephone call I never got.

31 Mar


If Mothers’ Day was a time to think about my dear departed mother, it seems trivial to notice celebrities of a similar vintage leaving our reality. Because my cultural tastes are so entrenched in past decades, although not exclusively so, the passing of revered actors, directors, production designers, writers and the like, is a more common occurrence for me than if the oldest television show I  watched was, say, Game of Thrones.

As I’ve said before, the danger is that the blog site could become a cult TV and music obituary site, because, let’s be honest, a fair few old favourites are leaving us. But you see, in an ironic and rather black humoured way, I’ll miss my Mum ringing me up to tell me which celebrity has recently died, as she was prone to do. Just another thing she did, out of many, that I already miss. She used to do that a lot. I got to hear about them all. Ray Harryhausen, Patrick McGoohan, Peter Falk,  Mary Tamm, Liz Sladen…she was creepily on the ball with cult TV demises in recent years. It’s like my Mum had a news hotline to Hades, or at least a version of Hades where all the demons are stop motion models and the River Styx is realised by way of polystyrene and Chromakey.

So, the first one of many that Mum never got a chance to tell me about…Kate O’ Mara.  That’s a real shame…. that Ms O’Mara passed away, not necesarily that Mum couldn’t tell me. She was a class act. Mum used to watch Dynasty and The Colbys (although I don’t recall Kate being in the latter), not to mention the old Hammer horror films. I think O’Mara is on the Hammer Glamour calendar I have, as it happens. Also she was in Howard’s Way, The Brothers, Triangle, Absolutely Fabulous…I mean, forget Dynasty, she was really a Brit film and TV icon!

I did hear last year that she had lost her son in tragic circumstances, and perhaps that played a part in her recent short illness. When someone like Ms O’Mara has made such a wonderful impression and entertained me so much over the years, I can only wish them the best, so that was a real shame to hear.

But recalling Kate’s capacity to entertain, while looking so sardonically glamourous, she also uttered surely one of the best lines from a villain in Doctor Who, as the diabolical Rani, while dressed in outer space dominatrix gear: “Leave the girl, it’s the man I want!”

A hugely sexy and talented lady. She’ll be missed; obviously not an iota as much as I’ll miss Mum, but Ms O’Mara gave me memories both myself and Mum shared, and that’s a very nice thing to recall.


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