Monopolising the media, mind control and the dark side of Hollywood.

26 Apr

I’ve been a great fan of music and film for many, many years, and to an extent, I’m as susceptible to enticing surface gloss as any vapid consumer. However, reading of recent stylistic choices in mainstream films and music, and the probable mechanisms of the media machine, I have started viewing the world in a rather different way. Finding out about this kind of thing can be a bit like being at a party, and dipping your glass in your favourite punch, only to find a big turd floating in it.

I could begin this observation in any number of places, but let us concentrate on one example of many. Let’s look at Katy Perry’s recent Grammy Awards performance. Now, pop music has always set out to shock and push the boundaries, there’s no doubt about it, and perhaps there have been times when that was for the good, and times when it was not. However, what appears to be occurring now goes way beyond Alice Cooper with a bunch of snakes, Slipknot’s Hallowe’en theatrics or Jim Morrison getting his cock out. Maybe the populace has become so apathetic to spectacle that should be questioned, that we probably deserve this disturbing offering, but let’s look at it closely. Perry, not one of our generation’s most gifted musicians by any stretch of the imagination, is however very serviceable as a good looking pop music star, and that’s her role. But her performance on stage for the Grammys frankly looked like something out of some macabre horror film, and not a particularly entertaining one. Even those with little knowledge of the symbolism could be disturbed by this; Perry basically looks like she’s taking part in some Satanic ritual, complete with horned cloaked figures and mock sacrifice. Madonna having a feel on a bed suddenly seems rather blasé in comparison. For certain esoteric and occult symbolism to be in there, it most surely be there on purpose, because otherwise what would be the point? These are very strong, and quite specific, esoteric symbols and meanings, which on a surface level have nothing to do with the many different songs and visuals being presented. How many (allegedly) Eye of Horus hand gestures, stars of Solomon, Knights Templar crosses or pyramids do we need to see? Why is the iconography of the local Masonic lodge paraded through our entertainment industry? These not so secret societies are very much a feature of the ‘higher’ (in economics and power sense) echelons of society. No coincidence, I think. Now, there’s a big question, and I’m deliberately going to avoid it for now. I’ve not the confidence or facts to tackle it, but it’s fairly obvious others do. One to return to, I think. Basically, you couldn’t get that symbolism in countless multiple productions, all from the mainstream entertainment industry, if it wasn’t being put there on purpose. Yeah, it could just be a trend, but a really creepy odd one if you ask me, and not something that’s just appeared over night. One good website on this particular subject is the excellent Vigilant Citizen site; well worth a look (link below).

So, if that’s the case, this symbolism is unlikely to be there for our positive benefit, but having said that a discussion as to why this is the case is one I’m not prepared to go into yet. What the truth is, remains to be seen. Perhaps the main concern, as free thinking adults, is that some of this material clearly isn’t suitable for children, who are not going to benefit from an exposure to sexed up visuals and exhibitions of demon dressed blokes wielding huge knives around their favourite all American pop star. Now before I sound like someone who is easily shocked or offended, I assure you I am not; my argument is that this is different than your usual rock n’ roll subversion, which I welcome any day of the week. Ironic that rock music, and heavy rock in particular, has had this image for years, but most often with a large dose of irony and by and large an image more akin to a Dungeons and Dragons scenario than a black mass. Whether the macho bravado of Iron Maiden or the Chainsaw Massacre pantomime of Slipknot, metal is usually creative but subversive theatrics, often finding an penchant for leather and motorbikes, and not aimed at kids. The likes of Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus are more likely to have prepubescent fans, and the irony of some metal does not seem present in their more disturbing performances. Also, even more concerning is the masochism and violence promoted in some Hip Hop music and culture, which sadly gives the whole genre a bad name. It’s like Public Enemy never happened.

The fact that the record industry is controlled by the same few huge corporations would potentially mean that any message could easily be conveyed to the masses through their pop puppets. Whether this actually is the case, and why this would be so is perhaps a argument to re-visit, particularly as it’s such a huge one to have (or not, if your view is that this isn’t the case). The frankly disturbing moves in our society to a more homogenised and controlled populace, constantly under surveillance and dumbed down by the media, does seem to be reflected in the way the music and film industries apparently operate. Several Hollywood insiders (with Roseanne Barr’s outspoken comments coming particularly to mind) have spoken out about the literal mind control slaves operating in the industry, with the stars being almost the possession of a ‘handler’ or ‘handlers’ who basically keep the star working for the system, performing as willed with little or no true creativity or input from themselves. Making money is the clear goal, and the ever more obscene and uncouth barrage of sex and violence in film and music videos grabs our attention; it almost appears like a competition now to see who can top the last obscene bid for our over-excited libido fuelled fancy. It might even keep our eyes off the things in society we probably should be looking at.

To many all this may come across as just a bunch of delusional conspiracy theories. But in a world where actual Hollywood stars are speaking out about this and tales of other types of abuse are being unearthed (with Britain’s Operation Yewtree possibly just the tip of a very ugly iceberg), this doesn’t seem all that fanciful, particularly in a society where money and power are still the great inspirers for the global companies and banks that essentially rule the world, and not love and freedom. That this nasty web could also actually ensnare the creative industries doesn’t appear all that surprising. Better to have control over the output than let all those creative free-thinking types get their more heartfelt messages out there. Going back to Katy Perry, it now seems no wonder that the libertarian, outspoken comedian turned armchair activist Russell Brand walked away from his marriage with Perry, just as her world seemed to become ever more insular and controlled. Some of her lyrics and iconography is frankly getting more bizarre with each video; and let’s not even go near Lady Gaga’s product: there’s a whole other blog article right there.

For anyone interested in all this, I will hold my hands up and confess I am no expert. However, the truth of the US government CIA MK-ULTRA mind control programme is well documented, even if much of the truth is still (quite understandably) hidden. From Marilyn Monroe through to the recent stories surrounding Britney Spears and others, there is clearly something more to Hollywood than meets the eye. Abuse is abuse, and is wrong. If half of the stories coming out of Hollywood are true, then there are certainly practices that need to be challenged and stopped.

I’m also not missing the irony that my television has broken, so away from its potentially vacuous mind numbing influence, I’ve typed a whole blog post! Hopefully, I might have more to say about this big subject at another time, as it links with many other ongoing discussions about societal control in general, which is becoming a more essential topic with every passing year.
What can we do in the meantime? Well, be your own man or woman, and don’t follow every glossy and vacuous trend that’s sent our way through the media. Support your favourite, genuinely creatively inspired musician and artists, and do your own creative work at a ‘grass roots’ level. From small acorns come great oaks. I mean, sure, there’s nothing wrong in essence with being part of the bigger machine, or loving TV or catching the latest Hollywood blockbuster if you so wish. It’s not about retreating to some cave. But let’s not just settle for the type of ‘entertainment’ that does nothing but cater to the lowest common denominator, and may (if any of this blog is true) be fuelled by some very horrible and abusive practice. Basically, in the words of an old UK children’s television show, sometimes it’s good to “turn off your television set and go and do something less boring instead” (Why Don’t you? incase you wondered).

In conclusion, here is a great video featuring Roseanne Barr, former intelligence operative Mark Phillips and recovered mind control abuse victim Cathy O’Brien, amongst others, speaking about some of the less savoury practices in Hollywood and elsewhere, as well as a few not too veiled digs at institutionalised religion and thought. It’s quite long, and is a taster for what is on a DVD (probably worth buying), but well worth a watch if the contents of this blog article have caught your interest. I think it is essential viewing, especially Cathy O’Brien’s part from 40 minutes into the clip.


Vigilant Citizen:





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