Borrowed words: Russell on Robin.

12 Aug

I suppose in the context of this blog being my words and creative effort, this entry might seem a bit of a cheat. But with every article I read from him, I come to like Russell Brand even more (and I couldn’t like him much less than those long gone days when he hosted Big Brother’s Little Brother).
The death of Robin Williams has been a huge talking point on-line today, and I suppose I’m humbly admitting that I share Russell’s sentiments and that he’s worded it far better than I probably would have done, so I don’t have to. But I will say this: any man who could bring such laughter and happiness to us all, deserves to be spoken of this fondly. Also, for some of us, he’s just always been there, from our childhood memories of Mork and Mindy, through his signature roles in Good Morning, Vietnam and Mrs Doubtfire, to his astounding dramatic turns in later films like One Hour Photo, proving he was far more than just a comedy performer. Sadly, the diseases of depression and anxiety still haunt many of us, and in extreme cases are an awful catalyst for the type of tragedy we see here. Those who say that Robin was selfish or that they have no sympathy for his actions, are missing the point. Williams wouldn’t have had a choice in the sense they believe he had, and I’m sure his family and friends will be far kinder to his memory than those harsh purveyors of judgement.
Over to Russell Brand’s words on an unforgettable performer:


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