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Six days in Istanbul: Day Six. “I found that the loudest fans in the world are in Istanbul”- Roger Waters.

21 Sep

All things come to an end, and my Istanbul adventure is no exception. As this was by far the least eventful day, this will no doubt be the shortest blog.

Aside from the wonderful people I met, amazing places I saw and emotions they both aroused, I also found a great deal more about Istanbul, Turkey and the Turkish people. I have come away a true fan of the city, and hope to return one day. I won’t repeat all my musings on the importance of travel broadening the mind, you can read my earlier Istanbul blogs for that, but I will say that learning more about a place really enhances any visit to said location. For example, learning more about Mustafa Kamal Ataturk and the revolution of the ‘20s certainly made me understand Turkey’s more recent history far better. Ataturk is a title bestowed upon Kamal by the people: literally ‘Father of the Turks’. He was arguably the founder of modern Turkey; the beginnings of the modern republic and the end of Ottoman Turkey. His image hangs in many places of administration and business, including the main Istanbul airport, which is named after him. Continue reading

Six Days in Istanbul: Day Five. “Istanbul owes its extraordinary situation to Golden Horn, Marmara Sea and The Bosphorus” – Andrea Horn

13 Sep

As I write this the sky is an almost uniform shade of light grey, the rain is drizzling down and I need the lights on to write properly. It all feels a long time from the blazing sun of Istanbul, just a few weeks ago. That contrast also offers me a bit of melancholy, given changing circumstances in my personal and professional life. I miss people, but have to be clear that they can’t walk down the same road I am on (particularly if they’re no longer here!)

When (and I hope it’s a when and not an ‘if’) you end up in a foreign location on your own, ask yourself what brought you there, and why at that time. Why did it take that long to have the balls to do it? Like I said, it’s not for everyone, but even for those who like a more quiet steady life, there will come a point where you are (even metaphorically) in a different country. If it feels better than what was before, feel good about that, but do not get self-congratulatory. You’re not there yet. But you are on the right path. Continue reading