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The new old fashioned way.

12 Dec

Not my usual attire, I have to stress.

There’s nothing quite like a bunch of arrogant learners at an F.E. college, an unreliable public transport system and a pressing Masters degree deadline to throw the scent of Christmas spirit far from this Grinch. Incidentally, “Learners”, as I’ve come to… um, learn, is the new more acceptable way of refering to students in my place of work. Obviously there wasn’t one more perfectly servicable and suitable┬ánoun that didn’t need changing. But I digress!

As you may now be aware, the streets of your town or city are adorned with glistening electric lights (presuming you don’t live somewhere really remote). Santa Claus is coming to town and the little Baby Jesus is rocking crib scenes across the country. But aside from the usual Christmas fantasy celebrities, what of the real life living ones? What of the creative folk?

Christmas songs tend to be recycled these days; it’s very rare a new band will attempt something as potentially career destroying as a credibility free carol. Still, a tasteful rendition can be heard by way of the Michael Buble’s and their ilk. What I’d really like, however, is a return to the estatic Christmas Glam┬ástomper (I’m thinking Slade and Wizzard, but not really wanting them, if that makes some sort of sense). Glam Rock was sort of Christmas fun all the year round wasn’t it, at least in a dressing up sense, but I can’t see our current crop of pop stars going for it, to be honest. Continue reading