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Need a feel good film to get you in the mood for Christmas? No, ‘Fred Claus’ most absolutely WILL NOT do!

26 Nov

Here’s a tip off for you all. This is presuming you’re part of a romantic couple (or even a not-so-romantic couple; it’s fine, it’ll probably do you more favours anyway). There’s a film I saw a while ago, which I’d like to recommend. I keep seeing it for sale on DVD, and I’m taking this as a sign from the universe that I probably should watch it again. Either that or on second viewing it’ll reveal itself to be a smug, pretentious insult to my sensitivities. Or a cloying overly sentimental gush fest that will have me struggling to keep back my cynical Disney fearing vomit. Actually, as it’s a collection of stories it could be both. But, let me put my cynicism to one side and introduce what I think could well be a good film to see again (or maybe the first time in your case). Perhaps a film more suited to Valentine’s Day, granted, but you know, in my current state of singledom I do occasionally need reminding that there were a few years past involving a woman, and watching this again might put me in the frame of mind to entertain another! All positive stuff I hear you cry, and what film could have brought forth this optimism so close to Christmas? Continue reading