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Same Old New Musical Express? Happy 60th birthday to a pop cultural print legend.

26 Sep

The NME is 60 years old. Having recently experienced further dips in readership numbers and increasingly concentrating on ‘heritage’ acts as much as new talent (Lennon, Bowie, Blondie  The Ramones and The Sex Pistols have all featured on the cover in the last 12 months), the magazine has been struggling to remain relevant and vital and also to support the ‘New’ of the title.

As the new issue reveals, with a host of old faces talking about their experience of the magazine, it is a seminal British music paper (and has survived, where its old rival Melody Maker has not). With the glossy music magazines like Q also losing sales, it will be interesting how the NME continues to evolve. Written in 2003 for another web site, here are my views from those nine years ago on the magazine’s then state of affairs (in my humble opinion). Has much changed?. Continue reading