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There is never a good excuse for racism.

23 Nov

We still live in segregated and aggressive times, despite the massive changes in social tolerance and understanding, where previously bigotry and hate had been legitimised my increasingly outdated and archaic laws. This has, oddly, been on my mind today. I think that this is even apparent in creative fields, particularly music. The so-called indie and rock genres are dominated by white musicians, almost rejecting the black blues origins of modern pop music (going back to the rock n’ roll era). Likewise Hip Hop and RnB are dominated by black musicians. Perhaps this is to be expected, given the roots of such music, but there is a feeling of conscious segregation, no matter how mild. Or perhaps white musicians just have nothing to say in that style. The punk and early new wave music of the ‘70s embraced multi-cultural influences (The Clash are an obvious example), but how we went from that to Coldplay is something of a disheartening consideration. It’s not necessarily racist, but it is disappointing that such vital influences have been played down or removed.
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