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Scandal (2011 style).

24 Jul

Few public scandals seem to typify our moment in history quite like the current News of the World soap opera. Arguably the biggest purveyor of unethical and sensationalist journalism now finds itself resigned to a quick death after becoming the very focal point of a scandal now being covered by the rest of the tabloid press, amongst others. How ironic; how post-modern. Or is it now Post-post-modern? I lose track of where we are up to with our official cultural positioning, but one thing is clear, this isn’t going to be over within a matter of months.

Somehow I don' t think the Sunday edition will be out either.

For anyone who’s been living in a place without newspapers recently (North Pole?), the revelations that the mobile phone of the dead Milly Dowler had been ‘hacked’ by The News of the World led to a slow but steady stream of further revelations. This had not been the only hacking incident. No, siree, not by a long chalk. Also, with the news that PM David Cameron employed former News of the World editor Andy Coulson at No. 10, you have to wonder exactly who knew what and how much they knew. Or perhaps some people are just incredibly stupid. Continue reading