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What Nietzsche said.

9 Feb

I suppose the hardest thing to write about are the feelings and challenges following the loss of a loved one, and while bereavement isn’t the sort of personal occurrence I’d usually include as part of this blog, it has effected everything, and this site is no different. I even missed a month without a single blog entry being posted, and that’s never happened since I started it. Not to say it won’t happen again; I’m under no obligation!

In addition I’ve had other less permanent losses to contend with as well, so not a happy time. But I am back! So I would say that times like these are possibly the best times to be channeling energies into something creative. Hopefully this will not involve penning awful angst ridden poetry, but instead be something worthwhile and much more palatable for sharing, like more reviews and articles on films and music. Plus, although it doesn’t really qualify as a creative endeavour in the traditional sense, a friend of mine has asked if I’d like to start fencing again. No, this isn’t some foray into landscaping, but rather the martial art involving swords. I need to get a bit more physically active, and I always enjoyed that. Fitting it into my average working week could be tricky though, but where there is a will (no black humoured pun intended there, but it did provoke a wry smile).

A more long term plan is to downsize a bit and ‘declutter’. These all seem like quite cliched things to be doing after significant life changes, but that doesn’t make them any less valid actions to be doing. Regular readers will know I’m from Manchester, but more accurately I’m about twenty miles out from the centre and would like to move a lot closer, which will help with work commitments and commuting, but also put me more in the midst of all the exciting events large and small that happen in the city, and might even serve as topics for this blog.

So, that’s me done for now, and hopefully explains the lack of blogging activity. That’s as personal as I’ll get on here, nothing else to share right now. But keeping active, and in particular creatively active is a crucial focus at times like these, no matter how small the creative act. I wrote this blog today, and that’s something in itself.

See you again soon with more of the usual, and the beginning of a new type of normality that will emerge from this transitional period.