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Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia.

25 Sep

One of the discouraging aspects of teaching English (of which there are many positives) is that when I get home of a night, writing on my blog isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. Getting my tea is the first thing that springs to mind. Hopefully I will have the energy to write more very soon! In the meantime, here’s a plug for an event I’m attending tonight and tomorrow. Four of us have tickets and I believe some are still available. Liverpool’s annual psychedelic festival is playing host to a roll call of far out musical talent, with acts playing live at various locations. Plus, yes, I’m in Liverpool again! I just can’t keep away. I’m particularly keen to see the North-West’s very own Jane Weaver, whose The Silver Globe album has become a personal favourite. Also French outfit JC Satan promise sounds of a more abrasive but no less captivating nature. But, what am I saying…there are so many acts on offer, it’d be foolish to pick any out (which I just have).

So if psychedelic music is your thing, get down there this weekend. I’ve heard very good things about this festival, and will be sure to feed back to you on my experience very shortly.

Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia is on from Friday 25th to Saturday 26th September, at the Camp and Furnace, Blade Factory and District venues.